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Allegro Sigrity System Serial Link Option

Bathtub Curves
Bathtub Curves
Validate serial links are compliant with industry standards (PCIe). The need for speed (faster data throughput) requires more attention be paid to each section of the interface Transceivers require advanced modeling techniques to support dynamic equalization and clock and data recovery algorithms 3D package models must be used to accurately characterize interconnect from the die to the package pin PCB structures must be carefully characterized such that signal loss, frequency dependent materials, and impedance discontinuities are all accurately represented through industry leading extraction technology
Allegro Sigrity Serial Link SI is addressing the challenges associated with serial link design Industry-leading interconnect extraction technology provides an accurate and uniquely integrated solution for channel modeling, including non-ideal power effects Robust frequency and time domain simulation technology is combined with statistical techniques for advanced multi-gigabit channel analysis Industry-leading IBIS-AMI modeling expertise enables advanced channel simulation with algorithmic equalization modeling (ex. FFE, DFE ..) Automated eye diagram and bathtub generation for Bit Error Rate (BER) analysis
Provides a comprehensive environment for design and accurate assessment of high speed serial links to ensure robust IC package and PCB implementations Sweep Manager

Interface Compliance Flow

Key Features:
  • Easy to use block-based topology editor
  • SPICE subcircuit-based modeling approach
  • Native IBIS, HSPICE, Touchstone, BNP syntax
  • Unique combination of frequency domain, time domain, and statistical analysis techniques
  • Frequency response and S-parameter generation
  • Robust time domain simulation of S-parameters for channel characterization
  • High-capacity channel simulation of millions of bits
  • BER analysis
  • Advanced techniques for crosstalk and jitter modeling
  • Flexible design space exploration
  • Proven PowerSI interconnect extraction enables simulation of non-ideal power supply effects
  • Support for advanced Algorithmic Modeling Interface (AMI) technology
  • Compliance kits for industry-standard interfaces
  • Die Allegro Sigrity System Serial Link Option enthält folgende Basismodule der Sigrity Technologie:

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