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Allegro Sigrity Power Aware SI Option

Power Aware SI
Power Aware SI
Allegro Sigrity Power-Aware SI addresses the challenges associated with source synchronous bus design Industry-leading interconnect extraction and power-aware IBIS modeling technology includes the non-ideal power and ground effects Concurrent simulation of signal, power, and ground accurately determine Setup and Hold margins Comprehensive, automated JEDEC-based measurements and post-processing Easy-to-use environment featuring popular memory interface compliance kits is highly integrated with layout allowing engineers to efficiently close on memory interface timing Reflections, Xtalk, SSO Simulated Together

Automatic Setup & Hold Derating Slew rates measured on each cycle Derating factor is pulled from table Applied to setup/hold margins each cycle

Raw waveforms measured like a virtual oscilloscope Tabulated reports for: Waveform quality Eye quality Setup & hold Delays & skews Criteria plots, waveforms, eye diagrams all linked to HTML reports

Allegro Sigrity Power Aware SI Option enthält folgende Basismodule der Sigrity Technologie:

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Allegro Sigrity
Allegro Sigrity Produkte

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