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Wise CAM Software.

GerbTool und VisualCAM Version 16.2

Feldkirchen, 08. Februar 2012

Mit dem neuen Release 16.2 der CAM-Daten-Software GerbTool und VisualCAM können Designer jetzt Ihre Fertigungsdaten noch besser aufbereiten und prüfen. Der Schwerpunkt dieser Version liegt in neuen bzw. verbesserten Import- und Export Funktionen für die Formate IPC-2581 und GenCAD. Weitere Neuerungen gibt es zu Composite Layern, Design Compare. Weiter wurde die leistungsfähige Makrosprache um neue Befehle erweitert.

Auszug aus den Release Notes


WISE Software has joined the newly formed IPC-2581 Consortium founded by Cadence and other industry leaders to help promote this format. WISE Software invested in the development of IPC-2581 support early and released its first products with import/export of IPC-2581 in late 2005, the year following the official release of the specification. And in early 2006 WISE Software began shipping VisualCAM with IPC-2581 support at no extra cost to help promote the adoption of the IPC-2581 specification. WISE Software remains committed in its support for IPC-2581.

WISE Software is working with Cadence and the Consortium to ensure a smooth transfer of IPC-2581 data between VisualCAM and the various industry producers and consumers of PCB design data. This release supports amendment 1 of the IPC-2581 format specification and has successfully imported existing consortium test files.


New in this release is the ability to import GenCAD files, a common format within the assembly sector. Our initial support of the GenCAD format was to export only and was only available in the top of the line VisualCAM product. But now, starting with this release, we are including GenCAD import support within our entire product line, excluding the base Viewer, at no extra cost.


The Composite to Layer command has been completely redesigned for this release. This function converts a composite of layers into a single, standard layer containing only positive data. You can also use this function to convert a single, mixed polarity layer into a layer with only positive data. The conversion is now performed in such a manner as to maintain as much unaltered trace and pad data as possible while removing all clear data and, when the source is a multilayer composite, placing all the data on a single layer. The conversion may be performed using one of three methods, either specified by the user or determined by an analysis of the data. The functionality of the previous version of the command has been retained in a new command, Layer to Polygons, see below.


This function converts any layer, whether it is a composite, mixed polarity, or no polarity, into a single graphic layer containing only positive raster polygons, possibly with voids.


The Design Compare command compares the contents of two designs, layer by layer, and reports any differences found. The design open at the time the command is invoked is compared against another design that you specify using a file browser. The results of the analysis are then viewable in both designs using the Analysis tab of the Navigator.


This release brings more new commands to our powerful Macro language. In no particular order they include:


WISE Software has always been committed to insuring the highest level of compatibility with the Windows operating system. For this release we have made the necessary changes to our installation process to ensure that VisualCAM is being placed properly within the 2008 R2 environment. This includes making sure that all necessary drivers, for components like hardware keys and FlexLMTM, have been updated and tested for compatibility.


The following are several of the many general enhancements and fixes available in this release.
- Improved internal polygon processing engine for accuracy, speed, robustness.
- Updated to the latest Flexnet Publisher 11.10.
- Hole Chart Modify - now able to completely disable automatic updates.
- Optimize Solder Mask no longer produces undesirable mask to trace errors against negative data.
- Aperture translation problem fixed in ODB++ import and export.
- Create Mill From results improved for specific data layouts.
- License manager now properly switches from user node to node-locked.
- Silkscreen polarity issue in this dataset fixed.
- Stitched break tabs no longer recalculate length when a fixed length has been specified.
- Import ODB++ with EDA option problem with this dataset fixed.
- Corrected problem fixing starved thermal errors after opening older database.